As a leader in the education field, I am responsible for motivating, empowering, and inspiring educators to work towards the same unique goal of preparing our children for the future. While rewarding, it is not always easy. As a woman in leadership, I embrace personal and professional group. While women leaders are uniquely positioned to influence future generations through their work, the challenges both personally and professionally are great.


By inspiring women leaders to become secure in their work, take hold of the positions which they have been entrusted with and dream big, we can not only impact the future of young people but that of women in leadership.


Ignite you passion not only in your work but in who you are and what you stand for while at the same time inspiring those under our leadership to be great right alongside us


Here, you will find tools and to empower you people and impact your work. Browse through our products and start continue along the journey to great leadership

Kim Seymore
Educator, Author, Speaker, Coach