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the wait

Updated: Apr 18

In the midst of the wait, you often start to wonder if the things that you were believing to come to pass would actually pass you by. You have found that when you begin to exercise your faith, things get a bit tougher to handle. The kids start acting up, you and your spouse have a disagreement, and you cannot seem to get a break at work. In all of these instances, you start to feel as if it just wasn't meant to be.

But actually, you could not be any more wrong.....

This is EXACTLY the time that you should exercise more faith and believe even more in the manifestation of your dreams. For in this time you will become stronger, more confident and competent to handle the blessings coming your way. I encourage you to embrace THE WAIT. It may take time, sweat, and even tears, but in the end, you will be better able to receive all that is meant for you.

© August 2017 Kim Seymore

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