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Success in leadership

Updated: Apr 18

Success in Leadership is about learning that you simply cannot do it all on your own. For women, in particular, we often think we are superwomen with the special powers to conquer the giant all on our own. No matter how awesome you are or how hard you work, you will get burned out and overwhelmed before you even get the wheels turning. You must select, lead and manage a good team with a few high leverage actions like the ones below:

1. Develop a plan of action that is detailed and targeted in the direction of your goal. Your plan must include specific goals, actions with timelines attached

2. Organize your team and delegate responsibilities that will bring about the success that you are looking for

3. Monitor and follow up on every action. Trust alone that the job will get done will not do the trick. As the leader, you must ensure that the work is done according to the plans you developed prior to the start of the process

4. Revisit and evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. Did it yield results? Can you see progress? Are you closer to your goals? If not, make necessary adjustments.

There is much more to consider within each of these steps to ensuring desired results. A carefully designed plan is key to reaching the goal. It begins at the inception of the idea. Without a solid plan, communicated well to a committed team, success is much harder to reach.




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