Women in Leadership

Caring for yourself is the single most important things that you can do for your personal and professional life as well as you for yourself as a whole.. Self care puts the focus back on you and helps you to better manage life's day to day challenges. 

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Four Practices You Should Develop as a Leader

Women in leadership continue to work to find their way in a world dominated by men. While women posses some of the same skillset as men, many of the challenges stem from a movement began long ago to make the workforce equal for both women and men. While there continues to be fewer women in leadership and management roles within various professions, women trailblazers continue to work to achieve their personal and professional goal of leading and managing. Women in general continue to break barriers in gaining the confidence within themselves to lead alongside their male counterparts in male dominated fields.

So what does it take to be a good leader?


Building Culture

Now more than ever, it is important to build a strong culture within your organization and it begins with being able to see things through the eyes of others. This empathy will help you to not only identify with the circumstances that your personnel is faced with, but to also develop strategies o support. A building with negative culture can deter the entire plans of the establishment without you even realizing it.

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Success in Leadership

Success in Leadership is about learning that you simply cannot do it all on your own. For women, in particular, we often think we are superwomen with the special powers to conquer the giant all on our own. No matter how awesome you are or how hard you work, you will get burned out and overwhelmed before you even get the wheels turning. You must select, lead and manage a good team with a few high leverage actions like the ones below:


Leadership at First Glance

Stepping into the world of leadership is not just a position or a role, but a calling. Even your tailored business suit, favorite closed toed shoes and simple yet classy purse to complement your professional wear will soon give way to the challenges and demands of leading. As prepared as you thought you were, there is absolutely nothing that is off the table as you maneuver management of projects, deadlines, and the people that trust you in leadership.