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Live Beyond Your Expectations

In this book, you may find stories that you can relate to as a women living out your life in various capacities. You will also find the inspiration to move past the very things that have limited you that will give life to the greater woman that you aspire to be. 

Book Reviews

"I met a young lady one day at the beauty shop. As we were talking I could see that she needed some positive relief. She is a single young mom trying to change her life. I let her read your book and she was so inspired by your words.Your book has truly made me a better woman."

~Shawn Howard

"This book is really for every woman. It has no age limit. I see myself in this book. It serves as a guideline for following your dreams. It helps women to go back to their dreams that they have put aside and start to live them. I have read a lot of books and this one is a good one! " 

~Felecia Cummings

".....Kimberly Seymore so insightfully penned together the words on the pages of "In Pursuit of Purpose: Empowering Women to live Beyond Their Limitations. This book has inspired me to keep first things first and to be fully aware at all times the true meaning of life, so that I don't lose focus by reacting in the chaos of the world and the demands placed on me by others. Instead, I'm learning to daily seek out the peace that is the solace for my soul. If you have not read this book, I encourage you to add it to your daily devotion and be intentional about digesting the words from the pages to pursue your purpose. This book puts things in perspective for women who are always being about everyone else, while along the way losing themselves. We cant give what we don't have. We must be watered. This book is a reservoir in times and moments of dryness. Thanks Kimberly for stepping out of your comfort zone to encourage others."

~Henrietta Gibson


I too have experienced moments when I was unsure of my capacity to exist in the places that I have been called to serve. What I have learned is that I was allowing my limitations to get in the way of what I believed about myself and what I have been gifted to do. Quite simply, I was living within my limitations instead of moving beyond what my circumstances at the time looked like. Since that moment, I have been on a mission to live beyond my limitations and show up with intention in everything that I am and everything that I do.

Kimberly Seymore, Author