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Welcome to Serenity 

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"In all we do as women, sometimes we leave our own dreams on the back burner. As we care for the important people in our lives, we fail to nurture what keeps us whole; what lights the spark in our spirits and completes who are are to be. In the pages of this book, you will find inspiration from heartfelt short stories of pain, struggle, and disappointment and the continuous pursuit of a dream"


~Kim Seymore 

My Story

I am an educator, author, coach and speaker with a life mission to motivate, inspire and empower women to live beyond their limitations. As a woman who has experienced my fair share of challenges, I can relate to women and the fight to overcome the obstacles that block our paths to achieving our goals and hinder our personal and professional growth.

While throughout my life i have had to endure hurt, pain, disappointment and frustration, I have realized that it is all about how we respond to the challenges that matters the most. This has been a great challenge and often the reason for the setback that i experience. Through my work as a professional and my personal responsibilities as a mother, I have worked. to walk in the belief that i have the power to control what and who i invite into. my life. The freedom to make these valuable choices in my life has helped me to grow tremendously. This is what I aim to share with you through the content included in these pages. 

I hope you are inspired to live beyond your limitations!